Working in Singapore is a very attractive option for expats. Singapore is an open economy with strong growth. Singapore’s workers are among the world’s best for productivity, work attitude and technical skills. They speak English proficiently, and are dedicated, hardworking, and keen to upgrade their skills and knowledge.

Singapore has many compelling points in its favor:

  • Ease of doing business – Singapore ranks #1 in the world year after year;
  • Ease of communicating – English is the official working language;
  • Ease of traveling around Asia with ultra modern broadband communication infrastructures;
  • Political stability – Singapore is often labeled as the Switzerland of Asia;
  • Wide selection of international schools;
  • Security with an amazingly low crime and corruption environment

Singapore’s also has favorable taxation and immigration rules.  While seeking potential business ventures or job opportunities, Singapore is a very easy place to relocate. As for taxes, it is most favorable after Hong Kong in Asia, or the emerging Middle Eastern countries. Here are a few more tax tips about Singapore:

  • Simple GST (Goods and Services Tax) flat rate at 7%;
  • Income tax paid once a year
  • Income tax rate of around 15% for mid to high-income earners
  • No capital gains tax except for few highly speculative investments like real estate

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